About Us

Our Story

We were fed up with so long list of never ending suggestions and products .AND none of them giving permanent solution or was just temporary relief provider- just to satisfy ourself that ME is using something . One can just spend Money and time and try whatever feels like BHAGWAAN for us at that moment .

We needed a solution for this endless journey of trying and trying and trying and trying. JUST STOP WORRYING – have BLIND FAITH . USE and GET RESULTS – was our motto – WHY should you involve in this tireless – money wasting TRIES and TRIES and TRIES and TRIES.

Our Vision

Why be a looser every time .Something like SURE SHOT – as the word itself says . No need to search anything anymore .THIS will stop you worrying about this anymore.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to do all the research & you need not worry about anything anymore . If WE launch a product its going to work 100 % . BECAUSE our team don’t like YOU TRYING and FAILING.

Numbers Behind Our SUCCESS

We believe in data base and we are proud to share our 

NUMBERS for you.

Organic & Natural
Our Incredible Team

People Behind the Science

Mrs. Kavita
Head of Research Team

Being a housewife and a business woman married to a doctor – Adjusting all the characters in the best possible way and then also researching everytime 24/7 at the back of the mind – JUST with a common VISION that NOBODY should suffer anymore.

Dr.Alok Garg ,MD
MD (Hom)

Having a vast knowledge of Physiognomy, Graphology, Phrenology, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and many more allied sciences with Educational background from cities like Chandigarh and Mumbai – got an opportunity to have knowledge about various subjects, religions and regional interests.

Mr. Alok Bansal
Quality Manager

As a Quality Manager, he takes his work as a responsibility and gives the best of his own. His working experience is more the 5 years as a manager.

Mr. Inderjeet Singh
BDO & Marketing Head

Mr. Inderjeet Singh is the Marketing Head of Marketing Department. He is holding an experience of more than 4 years, his marketing strategies are responsible for the development of business.

IT & Digital Marketing Expert

Aman Kashyap is an entrepreneur, digital marketing and social media expert, consultant, trainer. Aman carries about 10 years of Industry experience.

Legal Adviser

Having a vast experience as a salaried employee in banking sector to starting his First Own Business in Northern India – All was just successful because of a sound knowledge of Legal services in Toto.


Company History

Started as a Youngster as of of you- Lost my grandfather due to diabetes and its complications , lost my grandmother due to stroke and after effects , lost my maternal grandmother due to cancer liver and metastasis.

Fed up with all the prevalent medical science medicines – the so called fictious world full of tries and tries and only leading to more and more complications , I came to a conclusion that inspite of such a development we are no where.Started research work with FOCUS on results and results and no excuseslaid down the foundation of our company. 


First Batch

It was of our Hairoil - SOLD more then expected and the great thing is that anyone who purchased once - purchased again that too 10 times the first quantity.


Research & Development

Starting a Research was so easy and when we went into the depth of ocean of knowledge we realised we knew nothing .



The first 100 % result oriented product was found . And that has opened rays and ways for more new products to be underway. Which are almost impossible to treat by today's available LOTS of other companies.