Our Team

Legal Adviser

Having a vast experience as a salaried employee in banking sector to starting his First Own Business in Northern India – All was just successful because of a sound knowledge of Legal services in Toto.

IT & Digital Marketing Expert

Aman Kashyap is an entrepreneur, digital marketing and social media expert, consultant, trainer. Aman carries about 10 years of Industry experience.

Mr. Inderjeet Singh
BDO & Marketing Head

Mr. Inderjeet Singh is the Marketing Head of Marketing Department. He is holding an experience of more than 4 years, his marketing strategies are responsible for the development of business.

Mr. Alok Bansal
Quality Manager

As a Quality Manager, he takes his work as a responsibility and gives the best of his own. His working experience is more the 5 years as a manager.

Dr.Alok Garg ,MD
MD (Hom)

Having a vast knowledge of Physiognomy, Graphology, Phrenology, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and many more allied sciences with Educational background from cities like Chandigarh and Mumbai – got an opportunity to have knowledge about various subjects, religions and regional interests.

Mrs. Kavita
Head of Research Team

Being a housewife and a business woman married to a doctor – Adjusting all the characters in the best possible way and then also researching everytime 24/7 at the back of the mind – JUST with a common VISION that NOBODY should suffer anymore.